Kilay is Life : Maybelline Eyebrow Tattoo Gel Tint Wear Test

Hey there! If I will be asked to have only 1 make up product for the rest of my life, in a heartbeat my answer would be an EYEBROW product. Being born with not so thick brows, I usually depend on my eyebrows being well made for my face to be, you know - well… Continue reading Kilay is Life : Maybelline Eyebrow Tattoo Gel Tint Wear Test

[LoveLocal Series] BLK or VICE Cosmetics?

Hey there! Yay for my first ever write up about beauty! I'm calling on the beauty gods to channel wisdom upon me on this, haha! Please note that I am an enthusiast and still not an expert, trying these products are based on my kikay self's curiosity and that the opinions in here are of… Continue reading [LoveLocal Series] BLK or VICE Cosmetics?

just me, basically

Hey there! Welcome to my world. I’m Jen, your typical 28 year old gal who’s basically in love with travelling, exploring new food places and of course all-things-girly. A Channel Account Manager for a multinational Network Security company by profession. A Thomasian - *Go Uste!* . A hands on mom to our 9 year old boy (bubu bear!).… Continue reading just me, basically