3D/3N Cebu 2017 Travel Guide

Hey there!

Just a week ago me, Melo and our UST friends – Josh, Ren and Aki had our most adventure packed trip by far. From simply admiring the beauty of what the city has to offer to climbing a peak, to swimming with giants and jumping thru canyons – all these and more in just 3 Days!

To know more on how we toured Cebu City and the Southern Cebu in 3 Days, feel free to read on. This is will be a photo essay, so brace yourself. We took hella loads of photos ’cause – why not?!  I’m gonna drop the chitchat and get down to business.

Our flight itinerary: MNL – CEB OCTOBER 28 at 7:30pm & CEB-MNL November 1 at 1:00 am. That gave us  3 days and 3 nights to explore Cebu. We chose those flights ’cause you know, we’re kuripot like that. haha! Usually these flights are the cheapest. We got this for Php 3,000/pax –  round trip.

all set!

Since our arrival at Cebu is at night time, we had to book for a transient inn to sleep for the night,  we arranged a 1 night stay at Cebu Transient House , it’s an entire house complete with kitchen ware , fridge, water dispenser, 3 bedrooms which can fit 4pax each, 2 toilet and baths, we booked it for Php 2,300.00


Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 12.40.18 PM


DAY 1 – Cebu City Tour

First stop – the Lapu Lapu Shrine.

Sirao Garden Farm

We headed for a 45 minute ride up hill for the flower farm, and boy it was beautiful.


Ren- Aki- Josh- Me- Melo πŸ™‚

Top view from the balcony
Temple of Leah

Also known as the Temple of Love in Cebu, for the reason that it was built by the owner in remembrance of his late wife. A picturesque place in every corner.




San Chai feels. πŸ˜›

Taoist Temple

Lunch Time!

House of Lechon – the Famous Carcar Lechon

What’s Cebu without its famous LECHON?


We had our bellies filled for Php 317.00 each!
Yap- Sandiego Ancestral House


Was built sometime between 1675, it is said that this is one of the oldest residential house in the Philippines.The 4th generation owners still stays and sleeps at the house during weekends
Magellan’s Cross

An important symbol of Christianity planted by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 when he baptized the first Christian Filipinos – Rajah Humabon & Queen Juana.
Fort San Pedro

A former military defense structure in Cebu buit under the command of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi.​

After spending the whole day doing the city tour, it’s time to head on south for the more exciting part of this trip. 3 hours of travel by land, we reached out transient home at Oslob – Sangi Tourist Inn at 9:00 in the evening. We rested early to prepare for the next day’s activities.

DAY 2- Oslob

Oslob Whaleshark Watching

Early call time at 6:00am


loads of tourists are already pilling up

briefing is a must prior to the activity

this is how they look like in the surface and notice just how near they are from the shore πŸ™‚

a surreal feeling to be face to face with these gentle giants πŸ™‚

​in case you’re wondering how close can they get.. watch this vid. πŸ˜‰

Sumilon Island


15 minute boat ride to Sumilon Island

we’re a bit late that we weren’t able to see the sandbar, but nonetheless the beach is pretty! πŸ™‚

Tumalog Falls

No other words but – Majestic. This waterfalls made me feel that I am in my dream. The mist, the coolness of the water, the mere sight of it graciously falling thru the mushroom like stones – it was perfect.






Feeling like I’ll be transported into a different realm. πŸ™‚
Oslob Heritage Park- Spanish Cuartel

It is made to serve as a “barracks” to the Spanish army and it’s first line of Naval Defense in 1898.


as always..”Meriyenda time!”

couldn’t say no to the coral stone backdrop

Osmena Peak

about to hike the  highest point in Cebu, standing 1,013 meters above sea level.

It’s a 30 minute hike to the top from our starting point. An easy-peasy to veteran hikers but for someone like me, oh-my -goodness! It’s my first ever hike though and I can say  it is definitely worth it!

Cheers to more adventures together, brothers!

always a sucker for silhouette shots ❀
Day 3 – Moalboal

Pescador Island – Sardine Run – Turtle Watching

just a few meters from the shore is a sudden drop in the sea floor, upon dipping in you’ll be surrounded by countless mesmerizing sardines!

just keep swimming

‘sup dude! πŸ˜›
Canyoneering, Alegria


Our course is composed of 9 jumps and 3 slides.

It’s so nice that the whole place is clean and well taken cared of. We were told that every end of the month, the Canyoneering services are closed to give time for the maintenance of the area.

Right before the highest jump, there are stalls selling grilled Hotdogs (Php40), Isaw(25), Rice(15) and a variety of drinks (Php15-25). Very reasonably priced for our convenience ,their location and effort to bring all their stuff up.

To see more of our jumps, click on the video! πŸ™‚


*TIP: if you have 2 or more GoPro(s) / Action Cams don’t use it at once, make sure you have something to use upon nearing the end of the course so you won’t miss out taking videos of the highest jump and the exit trail – just like we did 😦  *

Kawasan Falls



We finished our activities at around 4 in the afternoon, went home to our inn, changed up and head on back to the city by 5:00pm. We arrived at 9:00 at the “pasalubong shop” and went straight to our final stop.

10,000 Roses


Our flight is at 1:00am so we have enough time to eat our late dinner and transfer countless photos from each-other’s gadgets.


Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 8.33.44 PM

Note that breakfast is not included in the package, we brought our food at the 7-11 near by. Being not-so-picky-eaters we are happy to eat at local food stops offering different home cooked dishes at an average meal of Php 100-150, drinks included. πŸ™‚

Tips from the guides are also excluded, our group had been a bit generous in giving tips to the different guides and boatmans, simply because they deserve it. They are ever so accommodating, friendly and don’t get me started with the photography skills. HAHA!! (Osmena Peak, Pescador Island Hopping, canyoneering guides, our main tour guide Kuya Lynard and our very patient driver Mang Diomedes) . *For Cebu Tours – you may contact Kuya Lynard at 0975-910-9281, he offers the least expensive tour package*

I had been to Cebu before but it has always been for business and I have not imagined that there is alot more to Cebu than their booming city business. These 3 days has been tremendously tiring but for all it’s worth I will tirelessly promote what this part of Cebu has to offer.

That concludes our Cebu trip! I hope you get to experience Cebu as much as we did!

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the ones you did.  So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour, catch the trade winds in your sail. Explore. Dream. Discover” – Mark Twain

Catch you later! ❀

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 4.07.01 PM


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