[LoveLocal Series] BLK or VICE Cosmetics?

Hey there!

Yay for my first ever write up about beauty! I’m calling on the beauty gods to channel wisdom upon me on this, haha! Please note that I am an enthusiast and still not an expert, trying these products are based on my kikay selfs curiosity and that the opinions in here are of my own; so what works for me may not work for you & vice-versa.

I will leave it at that, stop blabbering and here it goes..

Just recently 2 emerging local brands has been taking the local market by storm, BLK Cosmetics and Vice Cosmetics. Apart from it being so affordable, it carries the name of two of the most celebrated artists here in the Philippines – Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda. But we all know that sometimes hype and price point come with some trade offs, so this got me wondering how will these wildly talked products perform.

I will only focus on the Lip Products for this since Vice Cosmetics only cater to that for an apples to apples comparison.

Matte Lipstick

Good Vibes Lipstick in Aura
BLK All Day Intense Matte in Bubbly 

BLK All Day Intense Matte Lipstick & Vice Cosmetics Good Vibes Matte Lipstick

Packaging –  Both have 3.6g of product. The BLK All Day Intense comes with a box, is in a rectangular & transparent tube, perfect for flat-lays. 🙂  GV Lipstick is sold without a box;  you get the bright metallic pink tube as is.

Scent – BLK All Day Intense smells like your typical lipsticks, no sweet scent but  doesn’t smell like chemical either. GV Lipsticks however smells sweet like vanilla butter cream.

Formula – BLK All Day Intense for me is creamy but it tugs my lips a bit during application. Color pay off for this one is very good – you get the opacity of the color in one swipe. It stays for a good 4 hours without smudging. GV Lipstick I would say is creamier, it doesn’t tug on my lips, however you may want to swipe on another layer to get a bolder color.  Staying power is also good, tried to eat and the product is still there. Both products aren’t drying at all, they are not flat matte – I think it’s safe to say that these are demi mattes.

BLK – Bubbly
GoodVibes – Aura

Price – BLK All Day Intense Matte – Php 299  Good Vibes Lipsticks – Php 195

Liquid Matte Lipsticks

Vice Phenomenal Lip Kit  in Unicorn 
BLK Long Lasting Liquid Matte in Bold

BLK Long Lasting Liquid Matte Lipstick & Vice Cosmetics Phenomenal Liquid Lip Kit

Packaging –  BLK  Liquid Matte comes with a transparent tube with a black twist off cap for the wand. Vice Lip Kit comes with a box and a hard plastic tube with a metallic pink cap, a pencil lip liner and a personal card from Vice Ganda – think Kylie Lip Kit.

Scent – BLK Liquid Matte just like the one in the tube, it’s unscented and it resembles  the scent of Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid. Vice Lip Kit’s lip liner smells like wax crayons but the liquid lipstick smells sweet ala Nyx Soft Matte only a bit muted.

Formula – BLK Liquid Matte takes a while to dry up, but when it dries, it dries *AF. But sad to say it didn’t sit well on my lips. I don’t usually have dry or chapped lips but this one dried it hard. The color pay off is one to commend tho, it delivers as it promised. How I wish they can make it more gentle on the lips. Vice Lip Kit feels lighter, generally it will remind you of the Nyx Soft Matte – the consistency, the application. It dries pretty quick and stays long (eating & coffee time included) but it didn’t dry my lips at all. Pigmentation is very good as well.

Vice Lip Kit – Unicorn
BLK Long Lasting Liquid Matte – Bold

Price –  BLK Long Lasting Liquid Matte Lipstick – Php 395                                                                    Vice Cosmetics Liquid Lip Kit – Php 295



Matte Lipstick – I’d go for any of the two for this since the color selections are both good and well thought off for Filipina skin tones, but if I were to choose for only one, I’d say Good Vibes Matte Lipsticks.  It’s surprises me that a local product can be good as this given that it has a very affordable price point.

Liquid Matte Lipstick – It’s an easy choice for me to go for Vice Cosmetics Liquid Lip Kit on this. I’d go for something that gives me a good color coverage and stays long enough without drying my lips and an added bonus for the liner included for a much lower price.


Have you tried both? What are your thoughts about it? Let me know! 🤗


Catch you later! ❤️

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