Bohol Escapade Day 4 : Panglao Island Tour Guide & Budget – Hinagdanan Cave, Nova Sea Shells & Bee Farm

Hey there!

We’re almost done with our Bohol escapade. Day 4 is a short tour that can be taken half day. So allow me run down our Pangalo Island tour.

Our day started at 8:00am and went on to some old Bohol churches, some still under construction due to the damage that was brought by the earthquake.

Nova Sea Shell Museum

Honestly, I wasn’t impressed with this one. It houses different sea shells and some antique artifacts. It’s just a basic museum which is not that well maintained. The guide assigned to us isn’t knowledgable on what she was discussing as well. A hard pass on this one if you think you have somewhere else to go.

Hinagdanan Cave

It’s probably one of the recommended places to visit during a Bohol trip; and this place did not disappoint. Getting inside the cave is pretty easy, you will be accompanied by a guide. Their guides are all so funny that makes the experience more enjoyable.

find your light & stike a pose 😉
behind us is the lake inside the cave  ðŸ™‚

Bee Farm

Matchy with momsie ❤

The bee farm is probably the highlight of our Pangalao Island tour, apart from the nice view and the farm tour the place offers yummmmy organic food!

Don’t worry, it’s organic! 

Hefty serving 🙂
We had our lunch and started the bee farm tour right after; where they will show you how the organic produce are made and also gives you a brief lecture all about bees. They offer accommodations too, by the way.

Bee Lecture
Busy bees  ;P

Thumbs UP for this one!


So, that concludes our day 4 tour. We finished at around 2:00pm, headed back at the hotel and enjoyed the rest of the day by the pool and at the beach.


Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 10.46.59 PM

This trip has been one for the books, Bohol is truly a destination both for the young and old. All activities are fit for all. Looking forward to go back with the rest of the family.

If you have comments and suggestions for my next trip in Bohol please let me know.

If you reached this part of the blog, I’d like to thank you so much for reading up. ❤️

Catch you later!❤️

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