Bohol Escapade Day 3: Sea Tour Guide – Dolphin Watching, Balicasag, Isola Di Francesco

SEA TOUR – Dolphin Watching, Balicasag, Isola Di Francesco (PHP 5,200 for 7 pax)

Hey there! 🤗

Our day 2 has been about the wonders of Bohol by land. Now, let me show you the other side that brings pride to it.

We had our rash guards & sunblocks ready as this day will be all about the Sun, Sea & Sand!

Today’s call time is way earlier than our Day 2, we had to be ready by 5:00-5:30am. We didn’t eat breakfast at the resort because the restaurant opens at 7; instead we just prepared sandwiches that we can bring with us while sailing.  (Stuff may be bought at the nearby “sari-sari” store behind our hotel. Don’t forget to bring lots of bottled water with you on the tour as well!)

The Sea Tour guide whom JB (our Bohol contact) arranged for us, picked us up at the resort’s lobby and lead us to his pump boat.

We left the shore few minuets before 6am, just the perfect blend of darkness and sunlight as we head towards our first stop.



​ 30-40 minuets from the shore into the open sea, our boat’s engine stopped and we just heard our boatman yell “DOON!” pointing at the jumping fella’s just few meters away from us. This activity is like playing hide and seek with the dolphins. It is essential that you head off early ‘cause the dolphins feed at night time til the break of dawn. Also, other pumpboats will be out there soon which will make the dolphins more difficult to spot – so be early!

It also helps that your boatman can spot them the soonest so he can navigate the boat to give you a great experience seeing these playful dolphins upclose.  We had our fair  40 mins. share of encounter, chasing and admiring them. No words can express how happy BuBear and my parent’s were as they see these animals in the wild. When the sun was really up and other boats are flocking the area, we decided to head off to our next destination.🐬


BALICASAG ISLAND (Snorkeling & Lunch)

Upon arriving at the island around 10:00, we looked for a place where we can have our lunch. It is expected that the prices of the food here will be more expensive than the mainland, about PHP 700 for 2 on an average for a simple staple meal of inihaw na liempo, fish and rice. There is also a mini store where you can order a variety of things –  3 in 1 coffee,soft drinks, chips and some other snacks; which is really convenient if you’re lazy to carry stuff with you. Snorkeling gears may be rented for PHP 150 and aqua shoes for PHP150, you can haggle for the prices if you’re in a big group. (You may rent underwater camera as well – PHP 700 at that time).

Once everything is settled – our things safely placed in the make shift tent, our lunch for paluto is ordered and our gears ready; we headed off to the small bangka(s) waiting for us by the shore (2 adults per bangka). It is necessary that you ride the bangka for you to be able to go to the snorkeling spot ‘cause the corals in the island are kinda sharp specially in the shallow areas. There will be a guide to look after you at all times and will be very willing to take pictures of you underwater. It is also a must to go early if you want your photos to be “photo bomber free”, the area gets busy once larger tour groups come along.


At around 12:00nn we headed back to shore  just in time as they were already preparing our lunch. Too bad I wasn’t able to take photos of the food – again, so hungry I totally forgot it. 😋 After lunch, we had more time to burn before we head off to our last stop. So we explored the beach stretch and just sat down as we appreciate this beautiful horizon. 



This island is privately owned by the Philippine Center of St. Pio of Pietrelcina. A beautiful place of prayer and serenity.

This is one place in Bohol that I will always go back to; being a devotee of Padre Pio. This trip has been my third time to visit this place and I saw significant improvements compared to my first. The whole island is actually being run by gratuity. Yes, NO FEES. Everything is by donation – and I mean EVERYTHING.

Pristine sandbar will welcome you along with Padre Pio’s tall statue. As the island is a venue for pious faithfuls you will be required to follow some rules such as No Smoking, No Pets, No Alcoholic Drinks, No Radios and No Kissing/ PDA.

There is a small museum of the beloved saint’s relic and photos; and just beside that there is a spot where you can have some snacks like bottled drinks and bananacue – one of the best  I ever tasted! When we asked for how much, our jaws dropped when Kuya replied ”Wala, libre yan. Kuha pa kayo” there is just this small box for donation and it’s really up to you – but please.. please be generous.🙏🏻

Aside from admiring the view and swimming by the beach, you can rent or shall I say borrow a kayak to go near the life size statues placed few meters from the shore – again, NO FEES – just donations. You will be given a life vest and a Kayak for 2 + a guide to go with you and take photos of course 😌


I think we spent a good 2 and a half hours in the Island before we decided to end today’s tours.  Another day well spent admiring God’s perfect creations.☺️



Day 4 and budget on my next blog.


Catch you later! ❤️










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