just me, basically

Hey there! Welcome to my world. I’m Jen, your typical 28 year old gal who’s basically in love with travelling, exploring new food places and of course all-things-girly.

A Channel Account Manager for a multinational Network Security company by profession. A Thomasian – *Go Uste!* . A hands on mom to our 9 year old boy (bubu bear!). A beauty enthusiast, a constant wanderer, a foodie and an MBA candidate  in between.

This is my very first shot at blogging, ‘cause I want to keep notes of most – if not all of my experiences wether good👍🏻 or bad👎🏻 ; and to help others who research online for tips and thoughts. 

So, yup – you’ll see more on beauty, travel, food and lifestyle reviews in here.

Catch you later! ❤

~and suddenly you know…it’s time to start something new & trust the magic of beginnings~


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